Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baby in my tummy...

My usual gynae check-up is dued today, so as usual hubby & I went to doc's clinic after lunch. The wait today was extra long because somehow the queue was not arranged well by the nurse, so I got a lil frustrated after 1.5 hours of waiting...

But guess what? I was truely delighted after the check-up! Why?

We did a very thorough scan today and doc spent a lot of time with us on the scan somehow (maybe she knew I was upset for the long wait). So we saw baby's head, the heart, the bladder, the spine, the tummy, the hands, the legs, etc. Gynae confirmed that the baby is now 17 weeks old, growing well and the structure is formed well too....Best part was : she confirmed that I'm having a BABY GIRL!!!

I was so extremely happy and first thing I said was : Thank God for answering my prayer!

I was indeed praying for a baby girl way before I was pregnant, while hubby & I were planning for our 2nd baby. Coz I read in this book called "Supernatural Childbirth" that if you are wishing to have certain baby gender, u gotta commit that to God way before u conceive so then God can do something about it! haha...Once u'r pregnant, though u may not know the gender of your baby as yet, but it's already formed. The gender was decided while the sperm found the egg, so it's probably too late to pray for certain gender after that...

I really really felt grateful to have God answered this prayer of mine. U know...having blessed with another baby according to our family plan (ofcoz we submitted the plan to God too) is already great, but having blessed with a baby girl is just marvelous! It's beyong words how God has blessed me and my family...

Praise the Lord!!! for He is good, ALL THE TIME!


  1. Hi Sharlydia,

    Hey, hey! Congrats! I'm so happy to hear that the long wait at the gynae's clinic was worth it...Good for you to have one boy and girl...

    When my mum tells people she's got a boy and girl, people always say: Wah, good lar your recipe!

    And she always says: Yeah lor =)

  2. Congrats!!! The Lord has answered ur prayers

    I hope to have a bb girl as well. So will be one boy one girl, the only thing is that you cannot pass ur son's clothes to ur daughter once they grow up :P

  3. Congratulations. Thats wonderful news. Its fun to have a boy and a girl.

  4. time to work on the migration plan once baby girl is out...

  5. daphne - hey thanx! Infact I am one of those who always admire parents with 1 boy & 1 girl...hehe!

    dio - my hubby said the same thing! but u know wat, i dont care! I just wanna a gal...Not that we cant afford those clothings, right? so when is ur turn?

    mumsgather - thanx! I'm definitely looking forward to that "fun"!

    zewt - working on it lar, but we are not as lucky as u, ok!

  6. sounds like a marvellous news!!! congrats! =)

  7. Sharlydia, congrats! congrats! I am so happy for u. Take good care of urself

  8. cbenc12 & daniel - Thanx! Am really looking forward to meet my baby girl...

  9. you may laugh at me... but i planning end of this year. hoping to get a bb on 09.09.09... :D

  10. congrats! your wish has come true. truly happy it worked out for u have a pair!

  11. dio - u'r planning to go for natural birth or what? unless u decide on c-sec, otherwise only God can tell when is the date for your baby to arrive, my dear...

    natasha - yeah...Thanx to God's marvelous work and blessing!

  12. around that period... if can get that date then good else it does not matter.

  13. dio - pray hard for it then! haha...

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