Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brand New 2008

A new chapter, a new journey, a new story, a new commitment...A BRAND NEW YEAR - 2008!

Let's make sure it brings :
New Hope, New successes, New achievements, New fat bank accounts

Above was one of the many SMSes I've received on New Year's eve & New Year day...thought it's quite true to me, coz if our "2nd-baby-project" is successful, then hubby & I shall have a really challenging 2008, yet new joy and happiness in this new chapter of life! We gonna have new stories to tell, and have new achievements!

As for work, since hubby & I both started our new jobs Aug last year, and till now still struggling through the changes & differences, we are both hoping that 2008 will come with new hope and new successes, that we both may achieve new heights in our career...

Also, Hubby & I both felt that we have gone astray from God last year, maybe due to our busy-ness with young baby around, maybe due to our work...But whatever excuse it may be, I'm hoping & praying that we could draw closer to God once again, not just physically, but mentally & emotionally....We do attend church every Sunday with baby around, we do sing praises, we do pray with baby everyday, but somehow I believe something has gone missing in our hearts...May God be gracious to us and lead us back to the flock in 2008!


Dio Brando said...

Its the new year and that means having some new year's resolution.

I must confess that I have not been attending church regularly :P
I must make it a point to attend mass on a more regular basis.

The other thing that I would like to do is to lose weight. ^^

cbenc12 said...

good luck for ur 2nd babies project! :D

sharlydia said...

dio - thx for sharing ur new year resolution! infact when i was writing this post, i wasnt thinking about any new year resolution in specific...these were just some of my thoughts when i got the sms, so i tot of writing them down...

cbenc12 - i really need some blessings from God! thx anyway :)