Friday, April 25, 2008

Taming Tantrums

If u have a baby or toddler, u would probably be able to give me some good advice…

Somehow recently, my 19th month lil toddler has been throwing tantrums...Most recent being one of the nights earlier this week, when he was about to sleep at night and suddenly papa’s phone rang and papa went out of the room and he got curious & woke up straight away. And when papa was done with the phone call, my lil boy was already sulking…then soon enough followed by crying and throwing tantrums all over, and both me & hubby were not sure of what he really wanted that time. Our guess : it was some 30 mins passed his bed time, he was sleepy & tired, but yet didn’t feel like going to sleep?

And the worse part was….He didn’t want both papa and mama to hug or cuddle him, and he just went on sitting on his bed & crying & crying... And before I could think of any attractive good tricks to calm him, he vomited! Now…he created a whole mess and I got really mad…Ofcoz I didn’t scold him or whatever, just went on cleaning & changing him, then calm him to bed…

I did get some advice from those baby websites, but I felt most of them are very “theory”-based, ie : Model good behavior, Set good expectations, Establish rules, Be consistent and supportive, Eliminate temptation, and Avoid tantrums of your own, etc. Many of these are what we have already been doing today, but practically I must say not all of them can be done easily, ie. Avoid my own tantrums (for someone hot tempered like me)…Nevertheless, am still trying my best…

So do u have any better advice?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was a bright early morning when my 1.5 year old son woke up and went sitting next to the window & started playing with his books, as usual...

Then when I realised it, I turned to him saying :"Good morning my dear! Would u help mommy pull up the curtain please? (which is a roman blind type)". He did as I told him ofcoz...but when he pulled the curtain up, wow! It was a bright sunny morning. So I decided to tell him to put the curtain back down instead. I said :"Baby, mummy changed my mind, let's put the curtain down coz it's very SUNNY!"


What so funny? I didnt realised it until my hubby lying next to me said :"yaya baby, listen to your mom, put down that curtain & pull it up again tonight when it's MOONY!"

HAHAHAHA!!! Now I got the joke!

I meant to say it was too bright & glaring, but not sure how did "sunny" came out of my mouth...

We had a good laugh and definitely a joyful morning!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baby in my tummy...

My usual gynae check-up is dued today, so as usual hubby & I went to doc's clinic after lunch. The wait today was extra long because somehow the queue was not arranged well by the nurse, so I got a lil frustrated after 1.5 hours of waiting...

But guess what? I was truely delighted after the check-up! Why?

We did a very thorough scan today and doc spent a lot of time with us on the scan somehow (maybe she knew I was upset for the long wait). So we saw baby's head, the heart, the bladder, the spine, the tummy, the hands, the legs, etc. Gynae confirmed that the baby is now 17 weeks old, growing well and the structure is formed well too....Best part was : she confirmed that I'm having a BABY GIRL!!!

I was so extremely happy and first thing I said was : Thank God for answering my prayer!

I was indeed praying for a baby girl way before I was pregnant, while hubby & I were planning for our 2nd baby. Coz I read in this book called "Supernatural Childbirth" that if you are wishing to have certain baby gender, u gotta commit that to God way before u conceive so then God can do something about it! haha...Once u'r pregnant, though u may not know the gender of your baby as yet, but it's already formed. The gender was decided while the sperm found the egg, so it's probably too late to pray for certain gender after that...

I really really felt grateful to have God answered this prayer of mine. U know...having blessed with another baby according to our family plan (ofcoz we submitted the plan to God too) is already great, but having blessed with a baby girl is just marvelous! It's beyong words how God has blessed me and my family...

Praise the Lord!!! for He is good, ALL THE TIME!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Modern relationship

I was catching up with one of my close girlfriend R last week and she told me she needed some advice. Below part of our conversation :

Me :"So how are things with your new boyfriend? Ru enjoying the new relationship?"

R :"Well...I found that he's not too interesting afterall...We went dating as usual, watching movies, having dinners, went shopping, etc, but we dont have much interesting stuff to talk about or to do together! I think he's quite boring!"

Me :"What? Thought u would have found out about this before u even started the relationship with him right?"

R :"Yeah...but I thought things could be different! Anyway I was wrong...So I'm not sure what to do now."

Me :"Well u should just be frank with him, so then both of u wont waste anymore time! Err...unless u'r saying, u guys f***ed already???"

R :"I know u gonna scold me, but....yeeaaahhh...we did it, we f***ed already..."

Wow! I was quite surprise to hear that she actually slept with this guy whom she went out with only for 2 weeks! Well I was surprised obviously becoz she's not the type who will go for ONS (one-nite-stand).

I guess this is so-called the Modern Relationship? U date with this person for awhile, do everything u want, feel happy about it then u continue; if not u step out from the relationship and say, sorry I think u'r not too interesting!

I'm not sure since when our society has became like this, where boy-girl relationship is treated so lightly, mayb a decade ago? But for me, to fall in love with someone is easy, to be in love with someone and to give this person everything u have including your body and that precious moment in bed, is never easy!

Sometimes I cant understand how this "modern relationship" could work out, especially if u'r female, but I guess it's alot to do with the way we were brought up...
***no offence to anyone reading***

Just my 2 cents worth...