Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In the past 10 days....

I've been really busy at work since last week, so have not really been blogging...

Alot had happened in the past week, and to us Malaysians, ofcoz the most significant "happening" will be our election on 8 March. People were all queuing up to vote since early morning and u can actually see the eagleness to vote in their eyes!

Well I'm staying in between Kepong & Segambut area, and both these places were won by the opposition, OFCOZ! Infact hubby & I were sitting infront of the TV waiting for the counting results on Sat night after dinner & after putting baby to bed. But what we realised was...very disappointing - the TV programme showing LIVE results was not reflecting the "truth".

So then we decided to switch on the computer & depend on our internet! True enough, the news were MUCH FASTER on the internet! We were really delighted to see more & more opposition candidates won over BN candidates, whether they are from PKR, PAS or DAP. For the first time I guess, the people of Malaysia are no longer "racist"! They just wanted to do their part for a change, change of a better future for all of us!

Finally I went to sleep & couldnt wait for all the latest results, but the first thing hubby told me when I woke up next morning was - we finally achieved something! Though the opposition did not win the overall election, but we achieved 2/3 to AT LEAST deny BN! Well for a start, that could be good enough, coz the opposition finally will have a "say" on all govt decisions!

Many of us will have very high expectation on many changes to be made from now on...Let's just pray for better ruler over this nation.


Dio Brando said...

whats there to say... it shows that the ruling party were a bunch of ppl that could not manage the country well... and look after the welfare of all regardless of race.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Sharlydia,

Haha...I think this must be the first time the results were not mostly in by midnight...I remember last time, by midnight or so, most of the results were already in, and the BN were already celebrating before the clock struck 12!

Oh well...=)

sharlydia said...

dio - yeah u'r right! the best part is, finally most pple came to realise this fact!

daphne - haha! coz BN folks were all bz with the recounting & recounting again & again this time!