Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby's first few steps...

It's just so wonderful to see your baby started walking "freehand", and not cruising along the furniture anymore!

Actually my baby started to walk few steps a time few days before he fell sick, and he was still "walking" while he was admitted in the hospital, but "walking" on the baby bed which was quite a big court for him...

Last weekend, I put the new pair of sandles on him and we brought him down to the park to "practice" his walking. AMAZING! He was walking & walking, ofcoz few steps at a time, but tirelessly walking! Hubby & I were laughing and we were soooo happy that baby was enjoying this learning. And finally I felt much better now since baby was discharged from the hospital as we watched him having fun!

I guess this is the sweet part of parenthood. The joy within me when I saw baby walking those few steps by himself is beyond description. This is a huge milestone for both baby and us as parents!

Soon baby is going to call me "mommy"...I cant wait for that moment!
*somehow my baby is still talking those "nonsense" at 13th month, but I guess that's ok...his time will come!*


Dio Brando said...

Wow... now is starts to get harder to control him... My son have not start walking or talking yet... hope he starts soon :) then it will be more fun to play.

Daniel said...

it's amazing to see our little ones start their first steps, first cry, first of everything..

i am eagerly waiting for mine.

sharlydia said...

dio - YES that's y we'r all excited about it coz it's alot more fun to play with him now!

daniel - your time will come, pretty soon! be patient dude!